The Awakening

It can happen in an instant. Change. Sudden and chaotic. In some worlds this change brings civilization to its knees, teetering on the edge of extinction. In the world of Edres, it was an awakening. Terrifying. Exciting. Magical. In the years after it came to be known as the Windfall. Whether a gift from the gods or a curse on humanity, the Windfall opened a pathway to a raw, unstable and supernatural energy known as Aether. This magical power wellspring yields life and death in equal measures. Many have tried to harness the Aether. Many have been destroyed by its violent intensity.



basic gameplay

The Windfall strategy card game is a complete gaming experience for 2-4 players. Each player will be taking on the role of a mystical Guardian, able to tap into the Aether and convert its power into usable Aura. 

Using this magical energy, each Guardian will use their own abilities and magical resources to battle their opponents and claim victory. There are two exciting ways to play Windfall. In Adventure Mode, players will share one resource deck as they vie to become the Guardian best able to control the chaos of the Aether. This mode is perfect for beginners, introducing the game to friends, and casual quick play.


In Drafting Mode, players must make wise decisions from the very beginning, as each gaming session will begin with a unique drafting mechanic. Players will amass carefully chosen resources, along with a few randomly given from the Aether, to strategically battle their enemies and determine which Guardian will remain standing.


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Behind the Scenes

Windfall started as a senior capstone project for Brendon, as a study in game design and usability. But when you happen to be married to an amazing artist like Kathy, somehow your college project turns into the start of something very exciting – so together they launch a small Kickstarter to share their creation with the world.

Driven by the initial success of that Kickstarter, along with player feedback and further refinement in the overall game design and experience, Steele Games has partnered with V3G to bring a new, fresh version of Windfall to game stores and players all over the world.

Refined gameplay, enhanced production value and overall more game for everyone to enjoy – Brendon & Kathy have worked hard to make this the definitive version of the game! 

Game Credits

Game Designer: Brendon Steele

Illustrators: Kathryn Steele

Jake Leeman, Amy Burrus, Gabby Park