Adventures in space!

As the daring Captain James T Cluck you must embark on a harrowing journey through waves of relentless asteroids, past inescapable black holes, and into the deepest regions of outer space to find and collect invaluable cosmic eggs before they are lost to the icy darkness forever.



  • Simple swipe controls allow you to navigate a maze of treacherous asteroids and inescapable black holes while you rack up a high score collecting cosmic eggs.

  • Game difficulty and speed gradually increases, giving all players a challenging experience every time.

  • Classic scoreboard initials track of top ten players.

  • Procedurally generated levels ensure that every play through is unique

  • Unlimited replay value and fun!


Behind the Scenes

Space Chicken was created from a quirky sketch by one of our designers. He wanted to come up with the most ridiculous idea for a game that was quirky and fun, but also a very simple idea for our development team to implement. Over a period of a few hours, many ideas were sketched out and pitched to the rest of the team. But the one idea that made the entire team laugh, was the story of James T. Cluck, the chicken traveling through space. In the days to follow, the sketches were refined and the character began to come to life.

Our design team then worked with the animation team to create 3-dimensional game elements to compliment the game design, as well as, create animations for the character and introductory story. It wasn't long before everything began to come together and the first working prototype of Space Chicken was developed. And the rest is history.

Game Credits

Game Designer & Illustrator: Byron Elliott

Michael Auer, Joel Bergman, Amy Burrus, Greg Foxworthy, Thomas Marshall, Sean McDonald, Marcelo Meijome, Peter Serguta, Jared Shofner and Brendon Steele